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   »  The only personality type that can steer the fuzzy front end

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   »  Why large corporations struggle

   »  Open innovation value quantified in dollars

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What kinds of questions do my customers ask? They want to know how to get more ideas. They wonder whether creativity training really works. I show them the evidence so they can make an informed decision. Hint: you can save a lot of money if you know the answer.

They want to know how to ensure they get high quality ideas and how to tell the difference between the good and the bad. Which ones justify a project and which should be abandoned? I show them a proven way to be far, far, more effective at idea screening.

They wonder why projects are so slow. What is holding them back? We walk through all the corporate functions to show how each one influences innovation progress. By providing a short checklist, it is possible to rapidly see where the bottlenecks are and address them.

I often hear consultants advising that a company has to create an innovative culture. What exactly does that mean and how on Earth do you go about doing it? They don’t tell you the answer but I do. There are clear and actionable ways to make a huge difference.

If you want faster, less expensive and more focused innovation, then the answers are just a phone call away. Book a plastics innovation speaker with decades of hands-on experience. Note that although the examples come from the plastics and chemicals industries, the  message applies equally well to all types of companies looking for radically better results!



“Chris DeArmitt’s talk on promoting innovation in the plastics sector at the Compounding World Forum 2016 in Philadelphia was very well received by the large international audience of industry professionals. His presentation style is lively and engaging, while his content is relevant, thought-provoking and backed up with real world examples and his own extensive experience.”

Andy Beevers, Director, Events and Magazines

This is a review from the conference organizers AMI. The talk won awards from the 300 strong audience.


“Chris DeArmitt is one of the most eloquent speakers that I’ve known and he is able to effectively communicate his ideas to a wider audience.  Chris was invited to give a talk on the topic of Innovation to the Technology team at Chemtura in the Fall of 2016 and he regaled the audience with anecdotes and examples that were easy to relate and understand.

Chris was able to draw on ideas from his broad expertise and explained the pitfalls during the process of innovating and how to overcome those.  The talk was very well received by the attendees and I would highly recommend Chris as a speaker and consultant.​”

Subra Naryan, Chemtura (now Lanxess)

This is a review from Tech Expo, Chemtura’s annual technical meeting with an audience of over 200 participants, including top management. Chemtura, now part of Lanxess, is a multi $BN chemicals company.


“Chris is an engaging speaker who also has the ability to deliver insightful technical value in his presentations that attendees can bring back to the job. He has the ability to distill his vast technical knowledge of plastics and surface chemistry into practical solutions for real problems.”

Scott Stephenson – Formerly VP at IntertechPira, currently Conference Director at CompositesWorld, USA