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Innovative materials and processes

Innovation is an overused word. Everyone talks about it and claims to be an expert but then you ask them what they have invented and they have no examples to give. As I am claiming to be an innovator, it seemed worthwhile to sit down and make a list of examples to show what I have been able to accomplish so far. Hopefully, there are plenty more innovative materials to come. For some of the examples, you can read more in the case studies under the menu entries for plastics and materials. Many of these innovative materials are patented and the patents can be found in the Publications Section at

When people ask me how I innovate, I tell them that I look for problems. It’s very hard to imagine a solution out of thin air. I thrive on the challenge of hearing a problem and helping people. Whether you are in the Fortune 100 or a small family owned business, I would love to hear your needs. Maybe I can help and if not, I will try to tell you who can. If you have a new material looking for an application give me a call and I’ll see if I can help you find a fit.

  • Solved major ABS plastic quality problem that had confounded BASF for 30 years and had cost them millions in fruitless R&D  (multiple patents)
  • Created 2 new rapid prototyping materials for FDM (commercial)
  • Invented thermoplastic that changes reversibly from transparent to opaque with temperature (patented)
  • Invented sodium free baking “soda” (open innovation, $40 000 prize)
  • Invented a new ultra hard, scratch-resistant polypropylene (commercializing)
  • Reformulated calcium carbonate filled polypropylene to save over $1M annually
  • Identified new dispersant for PVC plastisol that significantly outperformed those on the market (commercialized)
  • Found a unique additive that prevents agglomeration / caking upon drying (commercialized)
  • Identified an unusual class of fluids with extremely low gas solubility for client
  • Created new technology for high flow plastics with good mechanicals (R&D 100 Award, commercial)
  • Made PEG-POSS a new molecule in 4 weeks, now used commercially by major cosmetics company
  • Solved an open innovation challenge for a new ultra-sensitive oxygen detection method
  • Invented a new process for excellent adhesion of UV cured polyurethane and polyolefin ionomer flooring (production verified)
  • Identified several new applications for magnetite powder (some already commercialized)
  • Created new smart packaging film that changes permeability on demand
  • Invented, marketed and sold my own 100% natural shaving oil online
  • Sourced a new smart material that a cosmetics company had spent years looking for
  • Accidentally discovered a very inexpensive, simple ozone detector (looking for commercial partners)
  • Made new type of “lava lamp®” (looking for commercial partner)
  • Invented a thermochromic dishwasher handle that changes color to warn when the dishes are still too hot to touch (patented)
  • Helped with materials solutions for new virtual reality gaming and exercise device (in production
  • Identified key technology input for new tactile keyboard for mobile devices (patented WO 2015/031629 & commercial)
  • Due diligence for an investor (able to show that the technology had no commercial merit or patent protection)
  • Created first one step water-soluble self-doped polyaniline conducting polymer (during PhD studies)

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